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Lithium is powering your future. Now is the time to let it POWER YOUR PORTFOLIO!


The lightest metal on the planet is in HUGE demand!

Lithium may be light but it is having a heavy impact on the investing world. There is much speculation and a fever pitch is brewing. Many investors are looking at junior resource companies who have mineral claims, are actively exploring, and hopefully producing impressive results. Here is a company that has three properties that are  100% owned, high potential lithium projects. The Lithium market is set to EXPLODE, rising 26% in 2016 and predicted to grow a further 38% in 2018! By 2025 it is expected to grow another 73%!! SEVENTY...THREE...PERCENT!!
""Industrial-grade lithium carbonate contract prices increased by around 40% in 2016 due to strong demand growth and the ongoing supply deficit. Battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide prices surged higher."
cru Spokesperson from CRU Group

Reasons to Invest in Equitorial Explorations (TSX:V-EXX) Today!

The global lithium-ion battery market is projected to grow to US$77.4 billion by 2024 from US$29.7 billion in 2015

Meet Equitorial Exploration Inc.

Equitorial Exploration (TSX-V: EXX) is a publicly traded junior mineral exploration company focused on the development of 3 high -potential lithium projects. All three projects are 100% owned by Equitorial and are all in North America. One in the Northwest Territories of Canada, one in Nevada, USA and the last in Utah, USA. Equitorial is traded on the TSX-V Exchange as EXX in Canada, the OTC Bulletin Board Exchange as EQTXF in the USA and on the FSE Exchange as EE1 in Germany. This gives investors around the globe the opportunity to invest in a viable lithium business that is on the forefront of a rapidly growing industry!

EXX Receives Drill Permit for its LNPG Lithium Property in NWT
Drilling expected to begin in late July 2017!

June 28, 2017

Equitorial Explorations (EXX) received it's land use permit to allow them to proceed with drill on their 100% owned Little Nahani Pegmatite Group Lithium Property in the NWT. The permit is valid for 5 years but they plan to begin drilling as soon as late July 2017.

From their CEO Jack Bal:

“Our LNPG property is worthy of serious attention. The LNPG NI 43-101 released March, 2017 concludes that there are ‘sufficient grades to bring the rock to within economic values’. The focus of our summer drill program is to further expand the economic potential of this significant Li property.”

This is huge news because it tells us that they are going to back up their claim to a significant lithium pegamatite find on their property. They have a NI 43-101 from March 2017 that states, "Sufficient grades to bring the rock within economic values." It also shows prevailant dyje swams up to 52.6m wide up to 300m thick.

Having a drilling permit on a 100% owned lithium property that already has a NI 43-101 gives us strong confidence that there is some huge potential in Equitorial Explorations.

Read the full news release >>>

"Lithium is the new gasoline"

- Goldman Sachs

Bob Koort, head of Industrials and Materials research for Goldman Sachs Research, explains why lithium – the world’s lightest solid element – is the key to unleashing the mass market potential of electric vehicles. Have a look:

Aggressively Developing Three Significant, 100%-Owned, High-Potential, Lithium Projects in North America

Equitorial has 100% ownership of three high potential lithium-bearing properties. One in Canada's north and two in the USA. The claims in Canada have displayed lithium contained in what is known as pegmatite. These regions show a rich depth of pegmatite granite. This area is divided up among 4 different rock formations and are all accessible by road making further exploration and extraction more economical. The area, known as the Little Nahani Pegmatite Group Property (LNPG) is supported with a NI 43-101 dated March 2017 and concludes, “Sufficient grades to bring the rock to within economic values.”
The company also has 2 x 100% owned projects in the United States: one in Nevada and one in Utah. These projects are lithium brine depostis where the extraction is a surface drying process. The valley's they are located in have similar characteristics to the well-know Clayton Valley both being closed basins whereby no water leaves the area. This makes natural evaporation and access to the lithium much more viable. Both projects have a close proximity to other lithium bearing properties - The Honey Comb and Crystal Peak projects.

Three 100% Owned Lithium Projects

In Canada's North and in the Nevada desert

It is important to note that these projects are 100% Owned by Equitorial. The reason this is significant is that political and economical climates in Canada and the USA make it more viable to extract and sell the lithium. Many big players in the lithium industry are in South America and China. In Bolivia, for instance, political instability and ever-changing tariffs and laws make it increasingly difficult to get the lithium to market. Equitorial has a strategic advantage by being in Canada, Nevada and Utah. Check out the promising characteristics of their three properties:

Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group Property

Located in the NWT, adjacent to the Yukon border and some 39km WNW of the Canada Tungsten mine.
  • NI 43-101 (March 20, 2017) concludes, “Sufficient grades to bring the rock to within economic values.”
  • Combined strike length: 13 km; Dyke swarms up to 500 m in width
  • Assays with a peak value of 3.1% Li2O
  • Drill program planned for this season

Tule Valley Lithium Brine Project

The Tule Valley Project consists of 26 claims of 26 acres each and is located approximately 190 south west of Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Lithium bearing district - Honey Comb and Crystal Peak projects nearby
  • Closed basin similar to Lithium-rich Clayton Valley
  • Samples as high as 200 ppm Li
  • Geophysics and drilling planned to evaluate potential for a mass brine deposit

Gerlach Brine Project

The Gerlach project is comprised of 89 claims, 720 hectares (1,780 acres), located in the San Emidio desert, 5 miles from Gerlach, Wahoe County, Nevada and 120 km north of Tesla Gigafactory #1.
  • Large closed basin
  • 120 km north of Tesla Gigafactory #1
  • Geophysics and drilling planned to evaluate potential for a mass brine deposit

Excitement is building around the LNPG Project...

The Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group Property is one of the largest lithium containing pegmatite properties in the world! It is in close proximity to several prolific producing properties in the Northwest Territories, the property has road access, and incredibly, contains pegmatites that are visible from the surface some 500 metres wide!
  • Easily mine-able rock
  • Easily separated from source material
  • Already high current demand for a bulk concentrate
  • 6 week drilling program commencing mid July

More drilling expected in July 2017 to determine the amount of economically viable tonnage that can be extracted!

With results expected to start coming out mid-August, now is the perfect time to invest in Equitorial Explorations Inc. (EXX)


The majority of demand in 2017 for lithium is being driven in large part by the explosion in popularity of Electric Vehicles and Consumer Electronics such as mobile devices and computers.

The demand for lithium is already huge and growing more rapidly as new technology and competition heats up. Investing in lithium NOW will give you the opportunity to maximize your profit potential from these strong market forces.

In 2012, the global demand for lithium was an estimated $11.7 billion. In 2016, that demand exceeded $22.5 billion!! This year that is expected to grow a further 39% and by 2019 that number is expected to be $33 billion!

Until now, global supply has been centered in Australia, Chile and China. Now there are opportunities in Canada, Utah and Nevada USA, in the heart of the race for consumer EVs.

An increasingly precious metal

Driven by consumer demand, there is a surge for more a more electronic, battery powdered products. There is massive demand from Tesla alone if it is to meet the 400,000 Model 3's that it needs to build to fulfill it's orders. Their new gigafactory is being designed to produce half a million EV's per year! Each and every EV requires batteries that rely on lithium as an integral ingredient.
Elon Musk said in May 2016 that for Tesla to meet its target of 500,000 cars a year, "we would basically need to absorb the entire world's lithium-ion production."

Why now? Why Lithium?

We are at a point in history where the demand to be connected is stronger than ever. There is a fundamental shift in the way we see the automobile and how it is powered. Technology is growing at a blistering pace towards finding our way off of carbon based fuels to meet this new and ever growing demand.. In order to power all of these global shifts in consumption, LITHIUM is needed to build the power storage - the batteries.

Electric Vehicle Revolution

773,000 electrical vehicles were built in 2016. A 42-per-cent increase from 2015, according to electric-vehicle researcher EV-Volumes. If last year’s growth rate continues, it would mean eight of every 10 cars sold by 2030 would be electric.

Consumer Electronics

Smart Phones and Tablets drive demand in the consumer electronics industry. Every one of these devices requires a lithium-ion battery. Yes, the amount of lithium is a small percentage of the total battery. But it is a VITAL ingredient.

Alternative Energy Storage

‘Solar and wind energy generation are two industries also experiencing booming growth and the demand for lithium batteries to store the energy is just as high! In 2016 the USA nearly doubled its' installed solar infrastructure alone. Globally, the UK is setting records and China and India are aggressively developing mass scale solar...all demanding lithium to power their battery storage!

Having North American sources lithium will reduce the need for imported raw materials making Equitorial Explorations an excellent opportunity for investing!

Company Share Structure:

Issued and Outstanding
Fully Diluted
Market Cap

YTD Stock Chart Sample - June 2016 to June 2017

An All-Star Management Team

Equitorial has built an all-star management team to navigate the company through the next phase of its exciting and rapid growth. With the massive expansion in the lithium industry it is essential to have the necessary vision to grow the company and make it a player in the landscape of lithium development.

One of the stand-out members of the team is Buddy Doyle, a legend in the mining and exploration world. He has worked with some of the top performers in the Canadian mining space. He also led the team that discovered the Diavik diamond deposits in 94-95.

The Equitorial team is led by their CEO Jack Bal whose career has been built around public mineral exploration companies. He knows what it takes to build value in a company like Equitorial!

Interview with CEO Jack Bal - May 30, 2017

This interview with Equitorial Explorations' CEO Jack Bal will give you some excellent insight into where the company is now and where it is headed...in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!! It is also good for potential investors to hear from the company itself. You can really get a sense of Jack's passion for Equitorial and his excitement for where the company is growing.

Does Equitorial have an ace up it's sleeve?...

A unique position in magnesium

We think it just might. Equitorial has a 50/50 partnership in a project called Mag One. It is a magnesium project which gives them the right to build a facility for processing magnesium. Why this is significant is because there is currently only one magnesium plant in North America and that is in Salt Lake, Utah. Most magnesium comes from China. Recently the US has put a $1400 per tonne duty on magnesium from China. Magnesium is traditionally expensive to make. Until now...

Mag One has developed a technology that will slash the cost of production to 25% of the cost that currently exists, and there is a pilot plant already being constructed right now. Once that is shown to be successful, there could be a massive opportunity for Equitorial...and its' investors!







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